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New Years Resolution 2021

First of all, Welcome,

This blog post is a summerization of my frustrations of past year.

Due to the pandemic, which i'm not even going to call anymore i was forced by my government to close my business not temporary but fully.... due to being out of the country for longer then 6 months. That sucks donkey balls obviously.

Bright minded as i'm myself i didn't decide to put myself in the victim role. I decided to evolve. I decided this has been the moment where my entrepreneurship has come to a end and... it's time for me to evolve into something new like a Phoenix i'll come from the ashes. Put my energy into working for a employer again, so first steps are obvious... you put on linkedin that you're open for employment. This obviously gave some results, some actually quiet interesting and some well... disappointing. I really don't want to be a system engineer on Microsoft again people, been there done that moved on. Nothing wrong with the company Microsoft at all anymore, where in the past i could be taking a piss at server 2003 or NT4.

So, here we are 16 years of working experience. Highly tech, Highly skilled (I hope atleast)... but what do you want todo... this is where it for me becomes highly interesting - as I want todo something technical (still in the mud so to speak) but not only in the mud, i also see room for advocating & evangelism for myself as i like to present - hence I'm a Toastmaster Competent Communicator.

So my next job:

- Based in APAC for the 2021 year (particularly: Koh Samui, Thailand as the rent has also been paid upfull until December 31st 2021) as the world is still exploding by the pandemic I'm not even going to name anymore. My internet is stable, my desktop is dual screen so bring it!

- Promoting a brand on the technical side and contributing to field presence.

- Job roles that come to mind (after looking to whats available on the market currently): (Field) CTO, Chief Technologist, Evangalist, Technology Architect.

For me it's far beyond the title you can even call me Toilet Shepherd, really i don't care as long as the job is cool.

It needs to have the right balance between tech and working with people, promoting a brand.

So my new years resolution will be a better year then 2021, this should be a easy one right?

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